Bitcoin is about to have an epic crash! GET OUT NOW!

Bitcoin is about to have an epic crash! GET OUT NOW!

Bitcoin and the stock market are about to start crashing! the next monthly candle for bitcoin, Nasdaq, S&P and the Dow Jones is …


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  1. Steve even if you call 10k btc and go there, they will judge you because you didnt call the date.If you call the date they will cry again because you didnt call something else.Can you stop arguing with these idiots?????Its like hitting your head on the wall…

  2. why are you calling your followers names? you sound like a defensive child. also, why are you doing youtube videos if you can predict the market? you should be extraordinarily wealthy right?

  3. IR increases have not historically been bad for the stock market. Thats a fact. The FED will overcorrect on IR. This will cause the next downturn. Dont bet on a market crash yet.

  4. The rats are attacking. You know the routine. You're about to be beaten senseless with the big stick. You will be disciplined whether you like it or not. You will be punished. Optical Art has spoken. Pay heed…

  5. Never seen a technical analyst as precise, correct and accurate as you. therefore I will subscribe to have access to your charts. I thank you for the work you do.

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