Today I talk about Bitcoin and some of the crazy moves we’ve seen so far. Is Bitcoin’s rally next? Also let me show you some ways …


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  2. Staking is death ..

    See IT like all the cash what are out of the market and sit still on a bank oversea no tax know about it .

    Cash have to roll to let IT flow.
    This is the same with crypto .
    Holding not selling and normal the price go up .
    It do not only the small part what is rolling let the crypto down OR up.
    And if a lot of people White that small part op de markt sell IT you have a crash .
    And this how crash are made .
    Thanks to hold and small what is over is sell and the reason is that sell is that IT donnot go up.
    And slow go your price down week for week.

  3. Although your price predictions usually are way off, I would say that you really do inform your viewers of what’s going on with crypto. I feel like I’m up to date on crypto news very well because of you. I am a fan! Who can call the prices these days anyway. It’s all been crazy.

  4. No one likes FB/Meta anymore. It was fun on the beginning, when my wall was full of friends, but since on my wall are only commercials, its sux😅 and I really dont like projects, when billionares start to manipulating our usage of projects they made!

  5. George is our anchor in these wild waters. I am in crypto as long as George so I know how to behave but I still like to listen to George every day because he is just concreating my ideas a thoughts. Plus he is genuine great guy. Cheers from Czech Republic.

  6. It's obvious that crypto is the future and Blockchain. I believe the biggest psy op is taking place to scare as many people out of this market as possible so the institutions who are LATE AF can get in at a low price. No other reason for crypto to be down when the entire world is transitioning to it.

  7. Europe is not going to hike during 2022, only in 2023 even possible 2024 sai Lagard. I supose FED is bluffing , they are between the sword and the wall…they will not hike so much even they wanted because they just can’t.

  8. Idk if I like the idea of keep holding anymore, I like the idea of learn how to make more so u can buy more cuz dam there is so many discounts still, I wish can buy all of them up, but I can only do so much

  9. You won’t lose anything if you don’t sell when its low. So keep holding, buy more and ignore opportunists who try to spread frauds to make ppl panick sell.

  10. I like this guy he doesn’t brag about his huge gains like some other YouTube channels. Once I start seeing that shit I stop following them!

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