Top 10 Best True Wireless Earbuds | Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Airpods

In this video we discussed about latest released Top 10 Best True Wireless Earbuds with awesome features noise cancelling …


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  1. The wearbuds is not that good. I never like it. The battery is so bad and the watch doesn't complete 8 hrs. When you walk and call someone he can't hear you because the sound of air around you. Now i am using my wire headphones came with the mobile. Last thing very bad Bluetooth connection.

  2. Hi, I want military grade laser range finder with distance, speed measurement in real time, area measurement, flag lock options, also I want a military grade binoculars with,thermal imaging, infrared, night vision, and also long distance options. Could you please tell me the models.

  3. This video is a joke. Where are Galaxy Buds+, Airpods pro, and Sony 1000XM3? The regular Galaxy buds made it, so why not these superior earbuds?

  4. i tried some of these and the B&Os are not a top 3 speaker, not even above the old Samsung buds plus right now the best earbuds i tried is the airpods pro. next i will try the sony collection

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