BITCOIN: 99% DON’T SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

BITCOIN: 99% DON’T SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

BITCOIN WILL GO CRAZY RIGHT NOW! I will analyze the bitcoin price! Bybit: ($4’100 …


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  2. ETH,AVAX,LUNA,SOL and MATIC. I think it will be great if you look at the big alt coin charts as well. Thanks in advance and as always…as always..Thank you🙏

  3. Chris, could you please do an analysis about ADA? It would be great to hear something about it from you, even if it is not predicted as a 10x coin and took a lot of bashs from prominent youtubers, but it seems to work on a bigger picture wich is out of sight for pure speculants. To me it’s more consistent and focussed on being a reliable and a real alternative in the cryptomarket, but what do I know? Enjoy you’re stay in Thailand and all your travels through the world, Chris. Best Regards from Berlin!

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