Machu Picchu in 360 (8K) | Exploring Peru in Virtual Reality

Machu Picchu in 360 (8K) | Exploring Peru in Virtual Reality

Come explore Machu Picchu in Virtual Reality with Marko from the Vagabrothers and special guest Hiram Bingham, the …


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  1. I really liked the video, but thought it was a little unkind how you mocked Hiram Bingham. Especially since he is not here to defend himself…. Loved the 360 degree camera though!

  2. I think they abandoned this place because property values and rates became so over inflated, it was more economical to build a home elsewhere. 😉 Great video guys! This is awesome! What camera did you use?

  3. Reasonable focus how did she do that ? Do it again , maybe stable background and slow moving forground is helping focus . The India 360 had a lot of movement and I noticed the not so sharp focus of background objects more thanks for everyone's. Efforts

    I am Peruvian-US Citizen , the type that sings the USA National anthem and the type that if there is a soccer match Argentina vs USA will root for USA despite my family and friends protests and threats.
    So I have a theory.
    I prefer to say that the Incas didn’t use the writing or didn’t know the conventional way of writing as opposed to say the Incas didn’t discover the writing. I find that hard to believe .
    When I was in college I had a printer and a digital type writer and teacher always said “give your papers the nicest you can, if possible print” and did I ever use it? No
    Why? I didn’t want to , I had a nice hand writing and I was lazy so what for?
    Maybe the Incas had good memory too and that, I don’t find that hard to believe .
    — Also, they did use metal, besides jewelry.
    Perhaps not in big buildings, and again why? I don’t know maybe they didn’t want to or the corrosion or had their believes, etc
    One example is they had ceremonial knives, before you were born one, the TUMI , was stolen that was sad because they melt it only for the gold and infuriating because ignorant miserable sobs Peruvians did it.
    Also they use gold, etc in their surgical operations the brain. Most people don’t talk about it ( I mean Peruvians) because they are dumb.
    So they used metals only not in the way expected.

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