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  1. Because people like different things and not everyone games on a PC like you think they should. I didn't find it any thing torturous about completing this on console, not even defense building which is fine on the controller.

  2. Can´t believe what I heard:
    "some of the most priced and beautifull pieces of art appear in rock of ages, but never in the way aou´d expect"…

    And he didn´t even mention Monty Python!

  3. Why are people dissing this review? I actually think that this is quite a good review, he said what he liked about it and what he didnt, and he gave what seemed like a very fair score.

  4. @unforgivingboy1 this is a review, there is no such thing as a poor choice of words.
    he said what he thought about the game's problem, in this case the artificial inteligence, and i see nothing wrong or offensive about that.

  5. Disappointed they didn't mention Monty Python, since it's obvious the game is heavily inspired by the scenes with those art cut outs.

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