Non-Urgent Crypto News & Bitcoin Price (For fun but serious)

Non-Urgent Crypto News & Bitcoin Price (For fun but serious)

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  1. Bruh its not looking strong, its barely holding on. Daily macd and stokes turned down. We are headed lower over next week

  2. You’re watching too much American bs. Stop trying to copy other YouTubers with the faces and titles. Follow your brother and learn from him.

  3. Thanks for the video! Bitcoin looks good now, that's true. Some people say it can drop to $35,000 again but I think that's not gonna happen and I'm glad I spent my last Tether at $37,000. The spring is going to be huge!

  4. The crypto market seems unfavorable at the moment, I've been holding some crypto for a while now and I'm getting really impatient, is there any other way i could earn from this market?

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