Ten Upcoming Electric Motorcycles from Emerging and Established Bike Brands

Maybe not as news worthy, but sales numbers of electric two-wheels are rapidly outpacing electric cars and trucks. Not only do these motorbikes satisfy the demand for individual mobility, but also open up new dimensions of everyday commute that can now be associated with gut punching acceleration, and nearly free of charge fuel and maintenance costs. Today we would like to dive into the topic of electric motorcycles and cover the latest developments in the field. Spoiler alert, big name manufacturers continue to enter the segment, range is on the rise and affordable models are no longer a myth.

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00:00 Introduction

00:53 Triumph TE-1

The all-electric Triumph TE-1 project was stared in May 2019 and the same time next year, the company promises to have the final version of the motorcycle ready. In 2022, it will carry out Phase 4 of development, which involves real world testing of the prototypes.

02:14 Zero SR/F

The Zero SR/F is arguably the best equipped naked motorcycles in the class of electric models. In 2022 it is eligible for the Cypher Store upgrades, gets a new motor and a larger battery, plus the Quickstrike 100 units limited edition is up for grabs as well.

03:33 Stark Varg

Stark Varg is a new motocross model from Barcelona company, that tips the scales at 242 lbs and gets a powerful hub motor, rated for 60 to 80 horses.

04:46 Energica Motorcycles 2022 Season

Italy’s most capable electric motorcycles are manufactured by Energica, whose lineup consists of a hyper naked Eva Ribelle, a retro-styled standard EsseEsse9 and a superbike Ego. In 2022 all of the models get a new motor from Mavel and revised color options.

06:07 RGNT Motorcycles Classic and Scrambler

RGNT Motorcycles is a Swedish manufacturer of retro inspired electric bikes in two versions, Classic and Scrambler. All of the units will be hand assembled in Kungsbacka from locally sourced component provides.

07:34 Damon HyperFighter

The new Damon HyperFighter is a standard aka streetfighter model, with superbike performance characteristics: 200 horsepower motor, 170mph top speed, and 140 miles of riding.

08:47 Vmoto Stash

Vmoto Stash is a premium electric bike from the Chinese SuperSoco that will be sold under the VMoto name and will arrive to US and EU markets.

10:01 Tromox UKKO

Tromox UKKO is the brand’s second electric bike that has larger dimensions but similar styling to its Mino sibling. The model offers 62 mph top speed and up to 110 miles of range.

11:13 Cake Work

The newest work series of the Swedish Cake bikes includes a selection of specially tailored models for the needs of various tradesmen. It includes Makka moped, Osa utility motorcycle and Kalk dirt bike.

12:26 DAB Motors Concept-E RS Burberry Edition

DAB Motors Concept-E RS Burberry Edition is product of cooperation between the French motorcycle brand and the UK fashion expert Burberry. It uses the usual 12-hp motor, but gets a couple of exterior tweaks to mark its limited-edition nature.

13:31 Ducati MotoE


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