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  1. players that complain about the game's lack of races are obviously not real car guys. real car guys just go for drives for the love of driving. no need to be going from point A to point B or race anyone!

  2. it's still a game between ghost towns, you don't know where you're running, the streets have no name, ie, they're created cities that aren't real, it's all lying.

  3. Why no offline play? I was going to buy until I heard that. This doesn't seem like the type of game that needs internet. I prefer the option to play offline because… zombie apocalypse. Seriously though, my internet out in rural Georgia leaves a LOT to be desired.

  4. Just tried the demo, the first into races against the npc drivers are impossible, I was driving flawlessly and could barely hold second from last place. Google's it and apparently it's just a thing. Needless to say game was immediately deleted

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