Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Camera Test Comparison

Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Camera Test Comparison

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Camera Test. It’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs Windows Phone 7 as we see …


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  1. "4th picture- galaxy s3 – more lighting"
    You're kidding right? That's a shit-ton of glare not "more lighting," the 920's is way better in that picture.

  2. Seriously the lumia is the best camera phone out there. Its the only phone that can bring enough light to show a good ammount of detail in low light. All the other phones just do software tricks to bring more light, and it shows. Also on the video recording department its the only phone that is enjoyable, all the other phone lack detail and are shaky

  3. What do you mean by macro mode not available? Its more macro than the galaxy thats for sure. Do you mean there is not an actual mode, but it can be done with just the focus?

  4. It's finny though nobody cares not even samsung because the GS4 is going to have 14 mega pixels and be much better than both of these or any other phone can't wait to see wuat they do with the Note 3 as I have the Note 2 and will be getting the Note 3

  5. dafuq? No doubt iphone has really good camera but saying iphone 5 is slightly better is so wrong….have u seen the stabilization video of the iphone 5 vs the lumia yet?? Lumia under low light totally trashed s3 and iphone 5….sorry to say that …s3 is the worst out of lumia 920,iphone 5 and s3

  6. LOL at your 4th pic….lumia looks so much natural compared to s3….5th pic:s3 obviously loses out in term of detail…what glare lmao??? 6th pic:lumia have a very natural color compared to s3……cmon I owned the s3 and I can say lumia 920 win hands down….

  7. nope, there's a video where both iphone 5 and xperia z camera test which ended up xperia z have better image quality at low light setting, but unfortunately, iphone 5 was owned badly when compete against lumia 920, if u know what i mean, simply said, xperia z wont stand a chance against lumia 920

  8. Please take the photo at the same exposure. Is it a camera problem or is it the tester? Because I can make a phone get better photo than a dslr if taking at difference exposure.

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