IGN Reviews – ScaryGirl – Game Review

Editor Peter Eykemans gives the IGN video review for the new downloadable title “ScaryGirl.” From a graphic novel, to toys, to a …


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  1. they overrate everything, not underrate… they gave fucking black ops 2
    9.3 and everyone hates them for it because it deserves like 6, a top comment said: a 9.3? I didnt know IGN used a 100 point scale. And you think excellent=cod LOL

  2. Or Uncharted. Or Skyrim. Or Border Lands. Or Battlefield. Or Walking Dead. Or Dishonored. Or Portal. See how many flaws your childish logic has…

  3. I also dont hate Ign, i just make sarcastic comments of how they rate games..
    In fact, i like to watch their videos cause that way, i will know that when they give a low score it means the game will be fun for myself and a lot more gamers.

  4. but why the hell would we do such a thing? btw I'm not an IGN lover I just watch thier videos to get information about the games. but I do agree with some things. how they score CoD for example. but serriously this whole hate against IGN is really overblown.

  5. How many times do i have to post it, it was a sarcasm, of course i know call of duty is not excellent, i was just giving an example of how ign rates depending on how a game is closer to a shooter, and no, this game is great, i have both dlc of Scarygirl.

  6. call of duty doesn't even get the best scores from ign, and if you go to metacritic it's the average from all critics.. why don't you stop jumpin on the bandwagon.. seriously.. just because the game is bad, it isn't ign fault, dumbass

  7. I know, i was been sarcastic of how Ign rates a game based on Call of duty, and also meaning that when a game is not worth to pick up, probably it will be for us as gamers.

  8. Im just saying that Ign are a bunch of First Person Shooter Fanboys.
    And by their point of view any game different to their taste (Call Of Duty).
    Gets a low score. Take my list like a Sarcasm. Mostly Ign gives a low rating to a game that most gamers like and love, because it doesnt have shooter elements.

  9. Yeah without a doubt. they usually have the highest ratings for games. They gave dead island an 8 while every other reviewers here in sweden gave it a 6 or a 7. And there are several other games with that outcome

  10. I personally think it's the opposite. It feels like ign gives most games a higher rating than they deserve just so that people wont rage

  11. lol no man, i was been sarcastic, and tried to explain that when Ign rates a game poorly,
    means its a enjoyable game for most gamers, ive never play skryrim, i play more couch coop games like lord of the rings war in the north or hunted the demons forge, and also never played call of duty, but ive seen the maps of the new call, there are recycled from past ones.

  12. no one should say sidescroller suck because it have it's own place in video games world remember that most video games back at the time used to be sidescrollers yeah it's not the best but give this game a bit of love.

  13. @PoonReturns Wait a second, you actually show your conversations to your " girl and friends " of how you randomly insult users at youtube ROFL, so much for Intimidation Though Guy. And no i dont win anything cause i cant debate with someone that calls shit to everything he dissagrees or says fuck this fuck that all the time and calls that Arguments, in fact nobody will win against you if they were trying to compete, cause you seem to have a problem with anyone that has different opinion.. See ya

  14. @PoonReturns wow so scared, no matter how big you are man this is not a prehistoric era LOL, you sure have some serious issues,, are you sure your not an Ign worker or an Ign licker Fanboy, or maybe bullied at school and now you go to the gym ? if you dont like comments then dont reply, i dont care or need to be cool have you noticed that we all have diferent point of view, or the steroids blind you?.
    Your lack of respect to people just shows how tiny your brain is.

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