Liquid lost to Invictus Gaming before the match even began | ESPN Esports

Liquid lost to Invictus Gaming before the match even began | ESPN Esports

ESPN’s Darin Kwilinski details how Invictus Gaming was able to defeat Team Liquid without even stepping onto the rift through a …


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  1. I feel liked there was too much talk about win rates of certain champs. The pros can play most champs at very high proficiency. Yes there are people who are above and beyond and certain champs but I feel that the winrate of champs isn't too important on the world's stage.

  2. worst analyst ever. LB is a hard counter to qiyana – i doubt this mug can even win a game against bots with that match up. qiyana is so squishy pre 6 you can basically kill her with a 2 spell combo plus ignite. rookie is several tiers ahead of jensen in laning and theshy smashed impact even with an unfavorable match up. you know how good rookie is in lane when griffin's chovy has to go on defensive tank champions in all 4 QF games against him – they were playing not to lose lane

  3. Thats what happened when LPL and LCK pro players train themselves at least 8-10 per day and EU & NA trained just some per day…

  4. Is this guy serious? Like when this naut game is included from core Jj as one of the 4 then he had only 3 games on naut and just lost 2??? Like what is he talking about that has nothing to say

  5. so u just pull up the corjj's stats and match history on naut to dismiss it as a good pick and completely ignore the fact that naut is one of the best supps right now ?completely disagree on the naut pick but i actually agree with the fact that they need to change their coaching staff , imo Cain is a good coach but not worlds level TL needs a coach to push them onto playing new champs and expand their pools and some1 with better drafting honestly cuz i really think cains drafting is mediocre at best and thats due to him not pushing these players to pick new champs for their pools

  6. Such an uninformative critique of the draft. All he talked about what oh this is wrong and that is wrong. Nautilus was such a bad choice for Corejj, but offers zero recommendations on who he should had otherwise played. This was annoying to watch.

  7. Best break down so far. TL can beat any team with proper coaching because those drafts at worlds were horrible. Msi drafts we completely owned.

  8. IG ban J4/Skarner/Rakan
    IG they flex pick gragas Jng/Support
    TL Pick Natuilus for CoreJJ which i think is fine
    IG Kaisa/Qiyana
    TL pick Leblanc a mid counterpick
    TL Ban Lissandra/Syndra?
    TL Olaf Jungle
    Tl AAtrox Top
    IG vladimir Top

    Draft looked fine

    Jensen get solo kill and game was over

  9. Hmmm yea that was just unlucky draft. if they go 50/50 in draft team liquid has a good shot at semis / maybe even finals, i agree. Which makes this worlds even worse is for example group c, fnc in week2 got lucky against clutch and skt trolled to help fnc(since skt fears rng more than fnc) AND rng really trolled in draft. i think if team liquid was in fnc position they make it out 1st in that group. just sad that they got world champions and 3rd seed korea. well, not too bad – team liquid played their best game – was still eliminated by the world champions ig – mostly due to the draft. thats just unlucky.. well next year we come back stronger and get the trophy! lets go na!

    Also wanted to note: if team liquid got in group b instead of splyce, they would also go quarters.. its just messed up that a bad team like splyce takes the spot from an obvious top8 team ( team liquid ) … if fnc gets group d and group b group of life doesnt exist, maybe we would say something else about na talent & na as a region. just imagine splyce fnc knocked out, team liquid goes quarters and c9 versus g2 is coinflip on who makes quarters, suddenly we talk about :: whats problematic about euw soloq ? why are eu teams not that great at worlds ? come on some fans are you delusional. i just hope korea knocks out the eu teams and we get our revenge against korea in 2020 , we will come back stronger and show up big!

  10. I was screaming at the tv when they were doing pick ban. I 100% agree with they lost it during pick ban especially when they fricken let Qiyana through 3 bans and 2 picks. Then the 2nd round bans I was like…. What are they even doing? TL has played terribly against Qiyana in all of their games. In my opinion it should have been a ban. Or make xmithie or Jensen learn it to pick it.

  11. A good start for Esports ESPN. However, I think the current shoutcasters and independent content creators have better insight and honestly…More charisma then these two.

  12. You guys need to have more informed interviewees on the channel. Some of your opinions about Team Liquid being in the top ten in each role and top five in some is so greatly misinformed.

  13. Olaf is useless on 9.19 not enough damage to warrant not having any utility. I agree about Nautilus, Corejj should've been on Alistar. Also TL coach needs to work on his draft, and Xmithie needs a WAY better champ pool.

  14. TL even had 3 counter picks in that final game. counter top, mid and jungle… but it just goes to show the current world champions are simply better

  15. pretty sure if TL won that game, those old dudes would not blame their drafts. They are just so lazy to blame TL draft.

  16. Draft is part of the competition. RNG had a garbage draft from s5. That's why they lost. But even with good draft TL aren't just good enough individually anyway. They drafted this way because they were too scared of Rookie and there's a reason why. They have a potato mid that's why. If they had a competent performing mid, they won't have to draft this way. They're a super team in NA but quite average individually if you compare it to the field at Worlds. Jensen will never stack up against World class mids with high mechanics and ocean champ pool like Faker, Rookie, Caps, Showmaker, Chovy. It's no shame. The only chance TL has if they get another unknown Nemesis really.

  17. I respect you guys for even making this content though you should not put a sub par analyst (if you can even call him that) to dissect the draft with critical analysis when he is wrong on many points and doesn't even know things about the game itself especially things going on in pro drafts. The LB vs qiyana matchup is fine A, B qiyana is a BETTER jungler than mid lane so hence the mid lane bans when this guy can't even fathom why they banned out mid lane because he doesn't even know the game. Aatrox into vlad is playable but it's a terrible matchup and the olaf pick was not only last luster but bad scaling and something like sej could've been better. It's just cringy when you make this content with people who don't know the ins and outs of the game. The host did a great job and I'm sure you guys will clean it up in the future and produce better content considering this is only the beginning of espn reporting on this stuff.

  18. this was not a good analysis.

    I agree the Syndra and Liss bans were wasted bans, but the claim is the game was lost before it even began which is not true. Leblanc is a favorable matchup into Qiyana which is why they were ok with not banning it. The game was lost when Jensen got solo killed by Qiyana which shouldn't be happening. This then snowballed top lane and the rest of the game. ESPN did correctly identify this, but this was not something decided "before the match even began".

    As for letting theshy have Vlad. They did that because Impact played Aatrox well into it against Nuguri and he is known to absorb impact well. His lane was lost only when Jensen died in mid and gave Rookie enough gold to buy mobi boots and gank top. Otherwise, Impact had Theshy pushed into the tower. Aatrox is a counterpick to Vlad.

    So part of it was draft (the final two bans) and part of it was bad play by Jensen. They did not do enough research into iG and their champion pools because I think TL was overconfident from that MSI win and thought lightly of iG. That is hubris because iG definitely did do their research into TL. They correctly identified which player could be target banned and got him onto an ineffective Olaf who did nothing all game.

  19. To be honest, theres nothing wrong with TL draft.
    TL's draft was actually pretty good and more than doable. Better bot/ better mid and nice jungle olaf pick to deter IG's early game control.
    Its just Rookie alone destroyed TL. Leblanc counters Qiyanna on lane pretty hard, but Jensen got solokilled by Rookie.
    Its nonsense to blame the draft

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