What This Bitcoin Danger Signal REALLY Means | Alessio Rastani

What This Bitcoin Danger Signal REALLY Means | Alessio Rastani

What this bitcoin danger signal really means. Bitcoin’s monthly chart has recently flashed a MACD negative crossover signal.


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  2. I am looking at the monthly BTC chart and their IS bearish divergence! April 21, BTC = 65k, RSI @ 89, Nov 21, BTC 69k, RSI @ 67. What charts are you reading, just MACD? Also large volume divergence between those dates.

  3. Every crypto investor right now just smiling at the price of crypto as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROl.more person are gonna become millionaires and we have crypto thanks for that

  4. Extreme fear on March 26, 2022? I believe you posted an old movie man…would be nice to state that ! Disliked for that reason.

  5. Nether the less, it remains beeing one factor, Alessio. Of course we know you consider a bundle of important indicators and thanks for that valuable piece of information. Wish you a great stay in Iran

  6. Am I missing something? I can see negative Divergence on the MACD on the monthly with Bitcoin. It crossed over on the 1st January 2022. Maybe I could be wrong but this is what I am seeing in the charts.

  7. yes but if the bitcoin reach 69000 before end the month that could be a very bullish signal all depends of what is doing dollar and BTC till 41 st of April

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