LG G2 review

LG G2 review

Odd button placement aside, the LG G2 is one of the best smartphones of 2013. Subscribe to TechRadar: http://goo.gl/8dpt6 Read …


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  1. When I pulled that notification shade, it was pretty ugly and the UI didn't help it either that in some sense it made TouchWiz SEEM classy. I did love the buttons on the back and the screen, same with performance. I just hope that if it gets KitKat, LG can do something with its UI to convince me in buying the G2.

  2. Actually I own it since a few days. Sold my S4. And I love it. Battery life is fantastic, the camera is better then any I used on a phone so far, the button design is very practical and thought through, the UI is okay and less bloated then Samsungs (and highly customizable). The display bright and crystal clear…. So what else can I say: it is just a great device! Don't think the review mentions enough of the good things…

  3. Actually, you're wrong. My lockscreen looks the same. What my launcher changed is how my UI works, and how quickly it works (it's quite fast now, and much less convoluted). I use Nova Launcher Prime, btw.

  4. The UI might not be very good, but then again you can always just use a Launcher and have it look and feel like stock Android.

  5. why are they critisizing the button placement, it seems like a no brainer. Those buttons along with Boomsound from Htc are the two most innovative things out of smarphones in this year. I am so angry that more people consider the iphone 5s a better phone when the lg g2 and htc one are better devices. Fuck you techradar you gave the iphone a better score, and you gave better phones worse scores. Fuck all the reviewers becuase they all suck up to apple.

  6. It's in my hand now rather than the s4 and note3, first time giving lg a chance, so far so good , its display so so great+ snap dragon 800 so so snappy+ battery life is also grest.

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