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  1. "bike rack engineers have more work to do"? Hahaha!
    @ narrator; ANY bike worth taking anywhere is likely equipped w/ Quick Release axles (or skewer).

  2. Not a single "idea" is new, most are unnecessary, some even ridiculous. No need to praise them as the invention or product of the decade.

  3. Why is nobody addressing the vehicle in the suction bike rack section! that is a Ford Excursion with a '17 and up front end and taillights!

  4. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is not design for the velocity of vehicle going over 45mph, I had some and they work great will driving in the city, but once on got on a Highway or freeway, it would slowly lose air. The top cap pressing the air intake against the rim, eventually breaking the seal and letting air out. This is great for city driving only, four wheelers and off road bikes. It was a wast of money for me, cause now it's on the shelf until I get something that requires it and with speeds low then 45mph.

  5. That Buffalo Cart is a highly innovative design whose practicality is obvious, and it will suit a multitude of applications!

    Regarding that trailer suspension assist device, it should be remembered that if you installed one, then your trailer has less carrying capacity (equal to the weight of the device and its fittings).

    Failing to allow for that will make your trailer overloaded which can lead to handling problems and cause your insurance to become invalid.

    Re, the CarAIDE device, you stated that this will jumpstart a petrol engine up to 1.5 gallon and a diesel engine up to 1.0 gallon, whereas what you should have said is 1.5 litre and 1.0 litre!

  6. Great, another app distraction for people to use while driving! The thing to work on is hands free driving…not more reasons to be on your phone while driving!

    Very dumb!

  7. Any repair device which injects a sealant into the tyre will ruin the tyre and put it out of balance, they're only good for pin holes whatever they might tell you – avoid

  8. Wait! What, the gadget that jumps start your car, I think who ever came up with the dialog has mistaken liters, the measurement of engine capacity and called them U.S. gallons. You know like a 2.5 liter engine = 2457 cc's or 150 cubic inches. Never mind you have to be a car guy to understand.

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