Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5: Specs

Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5: Specs

Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5: Specs: Sony vs Apple, Jelly Bean 4.1 vs iOS 6, Snapdragon vs A6 chip. We put Sony’s new …


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  1. 2cool4school lol Sony has the Xperia s xperia acro s xperia v witch are all 2012 phones & they all beat the iPhone 5 on specs and performance so dont talk trash

  2. The iphone looks way better than the xperia z
    but the xperia z is better on paper every other way
    but then again were comparing the xperia z 2013 to a phone that came out in 2012 which isnt very far behind the xperia so then again the battle is unfair to the iphone and honestly i think the xperia z is the only good phone that sony have actually come up with but thats just my opinion

  3. fuck the xperia. sony can make a better looking phone wtf?!? come on now. and the back is full glass. so if you drop it, its going to break. the iPhone 5 fixed that problem. and the iPhone 5 fits better in your hand

  4. iPhone on popularity and simplicity, for idiots.
    Z is more stylish, more powerful and customizable with a much more interesting operating system for people with brains who don't get fooled by the undeniably excellent marketing strategies from Apple.

    Oh yeah, and it's waterproof, what else do you want :p

  5. PDA's, the Nokia N9000 and the IBM Simon are all considered technical smartphones, BlackBerry has always bordered smartphone, and the first full android device, the HTC Dream, was released only one year after the smartphone, although was planned from 2003, unlike the iPhone. Not an apple hater, quite like the iPhone, but the iPhone did not begin anything.

  6. Why iPhone is better (coz' it is better!)? The answer is simple…the SOFTWARE!
    Yea, u read it good broh SOFTWARE.
    U can put 17core processor with 16gb ram to an smartphone if its got sh*t software, like the Xperia Z do….
    (No offense, just sayin' – peace)

  7. A bigger screen doesn't mean more beautiful, like bigger boobs don't automatically mean more beautiful, also can we stop calling phones "beautiful" they are PHONES! not people, were getting too obsessed.

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