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  1. I don't get less than lethal self defense items. If a dude is trying to kill, assault, or steal from me, I don't want to inconvenience him, I want to fucking obliterate him completely. I'd completely erase him from existence if I could, but I can't, so instead I settle for the most lethal, painful, brutal option available that I could realistically use, which happens to be a gun, probably a pistol.

  2. self-defence – yeah right. These are just newer weapons for criminals. An the Made in USA cellphone gun is so typical of the US – proud of manufacturing a weapon, because that's all they contribute to the world.

  3. Do not purchase the crappy 'Balletic Dart Gun' produced in China. I bought it and it's a piece of low-quality sh*t; it doesn't work, and loading the darts or shooting at a target is impossible. Out of 100 attempts, I was only able to use this device twice. You can easily see the cheap craftmanship on the video.

  4. Since most women don’t walk around with their keys in their hands but keep them in their purse, that keyring is inaccessible.
    I like the pepper gun though I wonder what the minimum distance would be to be out of range of the pepper product.

  5. This wasn’t a gaslighting stab at all…🙄. It repeatedly keeps showin up in my notifications and I don’t watch anything to support it hitting my algorythm. The first comment made that most are illegal after keeping this in my face speaks for itself. But I guess it is what it is. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. My self-defense option cost around $600.00 USD, and I'd put far more faith in its stopping abilities than any of these gadgets. No need to fold or unfold, or hope the pepper ball breaks and then hope the attacker isn't a spicy foodie. It is a tad loud, though.
    As for the knives, that's asking to die. If you don't have training, you better practice all the time, because if your assailant has more practice than you, you'll be chopped up like stew meat. While the knuckle-duster knife looks neat, brass knuckle-type weapons are very tightly regulated, maybe moreso than a firearm.
    Which brings me to the items that look like guns. They, like most of the other stuff, will likely just turn a mugging into a murder. Dart gun? Really? Now you've really pissed the attacker off. so what's your backup plan? Hope you can run. Fast.
    That gel spray thing, well, don't know the makeup of the gel, so I can't really comment, but from some reports I've read a motivated attacker can power through that sort of pain long enough to end you, and with only 2 shots, best not miss.
    The bolo and the club/alarm/glass breaker are really the only two that seem effective to me. That bolo is badass, no doubt about it, and a good, short club can go a long way if you have it on you, and know how to use it.

  7. …depending on the jurisdiction of your residence. At least 4 of the items are illegal to purchase/own in my home state, with or without a license. It may be due to antiquated rules or just law enforcement not wanting to take calls, but some of the prohibitions are ridiculous.

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  9. sadly in canada you cant any any item for the sole purpose of self defense so im glad at least some of these have flash lights attached to these

  10. Bolawrap is NOT something you can buy right now. You keep showing this every few months, but only the GOVT … whatever GOVT you live in, can only order it. Not the "pesky' civilians.

    BTW, most of these items are illegal in douchbag socialist blue states like California or NewYork.

  11. Considering how most attacks happen, there may be some success, but overall I see a lot of dead people depending on these devices….

  12. Awwe. I’m from Australia 🇦🇺
    I’m allowed a wet brown paper bag for defending myself, only if the perpetrator agrees😒 of course. It’s gotta be organic made and only filtered spring water used to moisten it. 😂

  13. the gadget won't be more useful with weak fragile personality person . no mater what kind of weapon or guard they have they will helplessly standing there stunned . not recommended for helpless people who don't know what to do … capable people will use whatever they seen on the scene be it brick , stick , shovel , other people kid , cart , car bumper , trees , electric pole , whole building , grenade , passing grandma , bystander , dog , cat , popsicle , candy , pencil , hairclip . real self defense is how you use your surrounding .

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