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  1. Ca you imagine the implications of those in future public and cargo or personal use?..Jesus Crist..this shit made me cry..😥😥😥you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST UNLEASHED 😥😥😥

  2. The foil boards looked absolutely phenomenal under way!

    To see the board and operator riding above the water was really quite magical.

  3. That rc car doesn’t go 116 mph that’s a lie I have a 450$ car that goes 70mph+ it’s a hobby grade car which means every part on it is replaceable! That air hog is a toy grade and once it breaks your rc car is toast !

  4. ~~Funny,an attempt to make it even MORE appealing is presenting Kat Loco as something to incorporate game&or couples night. The bubbly,upbeat mood they showed them to have is,no doubt, likely what you see in the beginning? Hour later some already beyond bored just sitting there made to watch someone else doing it. Good chance least one is losing patience w/another who,inevitably,has no clue what they're doing still. FF to the end of the night&find couples who were engaged calling it off and so on…

  5. The video shows why professional divers HATE these propeller devices.
    Imbeciles use them to chase fish and mammals – annoying viewing experience of most divers
    An a**hole's toy.

  6. Underwater recreational propeller gadget are super loud Underwater and harmful to the animals. If tourist use them to often in a area the fishes stop going near that spot. I don't do the sea myself but I do enjoy learning about what's in it so that's how I know. Lost count how many educational shows say this. 🤔 what I don't get is why are boats not as loud as these things that propell you through the Underwater ocean

  7. Wait technically can't you use like 5 of those subnados? Bc one on each arm one on each leg and either one or two on your back?

  8. excessive jumping on a pogo stick can't be healthy. jumping on a trampoline is proven to increase the odds of gaining bladder and incontinence problems and forces experienced on a pogo stick are not much different.

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