'Nastiest storms coming'; Market wipeout is next, Gareth Soloway predicts winners and losers

'Nastiest storms coming'; Market wipeout is next, Gareth Soloway predicts winners and losers

The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates by 50 basis points at this week’s meeting, and it’s likely risk assets like …


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  1. Democrats will do everything they can to make the economy worse. They are children and it’s all they know how to do. Price controls never help.

  2. "Do you know how much money i wanted to lose waiting for Gareth the God Soloways 20k?!?! That darn man saved med almost 50% in losses so far! DARN YOU GARETH SOLOWAY!" – some random middle aged retail trader guy

  3. I would like to see soloway show his so called BIG SHORT position rather than all this cheap talk. he calls for $20K BTC and yet he doesn't show anything with regard to his short position. I guarantee he has an equal amount of longs taken which negates his position. I have called him out for a bet that btc will outperform gold and bet an equal amount of btc to the price of 1oz gold on Jan 1st 2023. so far crickets

  4. Gareth is my favorite because he isn't married to gold or bitcoin or stocks… Just charts. I really like that, and it is actually informative. As opposed to like a Peter Schiff who has had the same message since 2008… or even a Bitcoin Maximalist who only sees confirmation bias. It is nice to just get a technical reading with out the emotional baggage.

  5. Retail has sold out of BTC in the last year. Only long term HODL'ers are left and they are buying. Gareth is not looking at on chain data. Time will tell. I would welcome any dips as buying opportunities all the way to Zero.

  6. Despite the economic downturn , I'm so happy . I have been earning $60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days. all thanks to Mr Robert Michael

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