Today let’s look at what was said during the FOMC meeting that made markets rally. Why is Bitcoin and Crypto up? And will they …


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  2. I love George's contents. I've been watching his videos for a while now, but most of what's stated in most, if not, all crypto channels are all speculations. Especially, market and price predictions.

  3. ive stayed subscribed , but recently started to feel more and more like george is informed but lucky.. not necessarily someone with a real finger on the pulse. he’s a bit optimistic and short sided. we are going down a bit here, not that deep but we are. that’s also fine. it’s how these things work. he’s sort of just a hopium factory

  4. Will dump fast, zero reason to pump just us traders reacting to fed to wreck fomo. Outside us no one is buying that manipulation.

  5. The Fed are raising rates and 50 basis points is the biggest rise in decades so they will allow cryptos to rise so people don't run to historic money like silver and gold, currency flowing into cryptos won't kill the financial system so this is how they operate, supress physical asssets and allow a rise in cryptos, they have been at this for long enough now it should be easy to recognise.

  6. This is the same ol same ol…we get to 40000 to 41200 then that's it everytime…its as if the whales take it down to 38000 ..then it pumps to 41000 so the whales can f–k u off back to 38000…its never goona reach all time highs…bearmarket for sure

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