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  1. Greetings from Turkey Lark. Love your videos but I am not gonna lie, I dont watch them these days. Well because some of us just survive these days. I hope we get better (I know not soon but just hope u know)

  2. If one looks back at other crypto cycles & their charts, and you zoom in close, you can find times just like this. But we look at the big blow off tops, drool a bit, and ignore the prior crashy retraces & volatility leading up to those big moves to the upside.

    So the last 2 days were—OVERALL—a very good thing. The big up day tells us institutional investors are buying; the down day, albeit a bit shocking, was a dump involving possibly some of the last sellers.

    Which is good because BTC/Alts won’t resume their bull cycle run until the sellers are exhausted.

  3. 8% inflation in the US is an absolute joke. Everything I purchase is at least 50% higher than this time last year. Just more lies we continue to be fed by our government

  4. In lot of places have nothing to eat , who cares about your f… analysis, who will care about market if not gone be enough food , many people lost them money because of your analysis

  5. I think the reason it's crashing is because the globalist want it to crash , it will be worth nothing in a couple of months . It's called the great reset.

  6. I have to face that reality as well. I forgot who I heard this from, but when we are in a bear market a number of good news will only pump incrementally. However, an insignificant bad news will cause a big loss. When we are in bull market no amount of bad news will cause the market to tank.

  7. Hi Lark, Thanks for the video. We are in the bear market. This is why no matter how many positive news it keeps going down.

  8. Commiefornia has the #6 biggest economy in the world if it was its own country and Texas is ranked #9.

  9. anybody thinking anything bullish is delusional… too many negative things going on in the wrld for btc to somehow be all good.

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