Is It A Phone, A Laptop, Or A PC?

See all the tech specs and buy the HP Elite X3 here: UK – FR – DE …


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  1. Esse sim foi O Windows Phone (Mobile).
    No eBay tá custando uns 6Mil. Imagina o quanto seria cobrado de imposto ao chegar na alfândega Brasileira.

  2. I like the concept and wish more phone manufacturers did this.

    I would be sooooo happy if they made a laptop version of this. The laptop being just a shell with a battery screen and keyboard. The phone slides into a port on the side which acts as the motherboard and hard drive.

  3. Recommended again, but I already watched this so many times, but I couldn't stop watching, because how cool the tech was back then

  4. I'm actually interested in this because I'm looking for the Switch experience, the Windows Switch experience. My Dell laptop is too heavy for my back; when in College's library I wanna read in a 10 inches screen and finally work like crazy at home in the desktop mode as I used to do with a Windows XP, W7 desktop PC ten years ago. Thanks USA for Microsoft, Google, Star Wars (just kidding) and Apple (damn you Apple freacking expensive and exclusive!). Regards from the Republic of Costa Rica.

  5. The idea of having a "single device" that transforms from phone to PC is made redundant by cloud services. I can jot down meeting notes on the OneNote app and then log into any computer at my work and access them via OneDrive or even log into my O365 account from any PC via a browser. I think Microsoft was working on something neat but by the time they got it out in beta it was already a solution in search of a problem to solve.

  6. Hate to see you doing it so hard and having to take out tgat embarrassing lil boat……… I never realised things were so difficult for yoy…….. no wonder they won't send out that robot dog, they can see that you're punching above your weight……. start a patreon to get some funds coming in………. no wonder Willy Du can only afford rice for breakfast……

  7. I just literally looking for this thing on Google and suddenly your vid come up on my recommendation! I see what you're doing, Google!

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