Journey – Game Review

IGN Editor Ryan Clements reviews one of the most beautiful games of its time, Journey. This downloadable PlayStation 3 …


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  1. Got bored after not even an hour of playing, not knowing what's going on, not being too moved by the visuals or the music, becoming frustrated by the pace and controls. Some profound stuff for people who dig this sort of thing. Definitely not for me.

  2. So this is what people call gaming nowadays??? Where are the guns, enemies, thrill in all this, I'll stick to real games like Call of Duty then🤣🤣 people are so soft nowadays, they can't handle competitive games. If the games don't have battle royale then it's automatically for weak people and women lol.

  3. Played this game with a companion, realised we could help each other fly and didn't leave each other's side for the whole game – thank you wonderful stranger x

  4. Are the servers for the PS3 version still active?

    Edit: Bought the game today. The servers appear to be active. 🙂

  5. Does anyone else get a Dark Crystal vibe from the "Ancients".?

    Spoilers for those who haven't played
    They're kind of like the Urskeks: Tall and glowing ancient race that was divided after abusing their power. The red fabric getting ripped apart in one of the cutscenes is like the Crystal cracking. Even the War Machines have a bit of Garthim feel to them, mechanical and hollow.

  6. This game popped up in my steam queue yesterday, I'd no clue what it was so looked up a review. First 30 seconds you said to experience it without any further information so I did. Two hours long during my whole first journey I was entranced by the game. Only after playing did I find out it's a game from years ago, not any time during playing did it feel like an old game with bad graphics or anything like it. This was by far the best game I played this year, can't believe I missed out on it all this time. Finding someone else and ending the journey together was incredible and going through the snow up the mountain at the end, not knowing what was coming, was made a hundredfold better by being with a companion. 10/10

  7. For those on mobile who want to play this but don’t have money there’s a free alternative, sky; children of the light. Since sky is free and journey is 5$!
    The little grey people you see around the map are players too! It’s a game me and my gf play regularly to be together since we are long distance. It’s equally as wonderful as journey

  8. I didn't get it when it was for free, I got it yesterday, finished the game in 3 hours approximately, genuinely one of the best games I've played, best $17 spent. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is a true gamer, none of the "Fortnite this, Call of Duty that."

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