Bitcoin Bottom In, Or $22,000 Coming?

Bitcoin Bottom In, Or $22,000 Coming?

Bitcoin crash, bottom in? Or BTC price of 22k next? Crypto news 2022 BYBIT $100 FREE, 30% OFF, $4100 BONUS …


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About the Author: Lark Davis


  1. The bottom is not and it’s gonna keep going down all summer and get to the high teens by August we’re in a bear market it will not go up give it a year

  2. The video is unreal, buddy! Btw did you hear inside about Kyrrex?? Says their $KRRX token is going to rocket in a few xxx soon because of the new investment in the platform. What do you think about it? Is it worth considering buying?

  3. There are too many uncertainties atm to predict price. If for example Putin decides to lob a tactical nuke at Ukraine, all bets are off…

  4. BTC will hover between 22k and 28k through Q3/4 of 2022. We'll bounce up to 38-40k BTC in Q1 of 2023 however it will be a dead cat bounce; we'll then capitulate to 10.5k by Q3 2023 (the real capitulation). Bull run will start Q1 2024 but BTC will never reach 60'ishk again. Market will mature.

  5. I personally want the crypto scene to tank!!
    That's coming from a guy that has his life savings in it and at a 40 – 50k price entry…
    If I get to buy at the 10's – 20's then that's going to be AWESOME!!!
    It wont be as much as I bought into it ( dollar wise ) but I will Ape it as much as I can at those levels.
    Then the plan is to forget crypto completely and have reminders set at lower price levels and go on with my life till one day I need the crypto stored….

  6. For me, the correlation of tech stock prices to crypto is now a compelling indicator of what's going to happen to crypto prices. All the talk of crypto being digital gold or a hedge against inflation is just bunk. Cryptos act almost exactly like tech stocks. And right now tech stocks are being savaged and will continue to be for quite a while.

    This means Bitcoin and such are also going to be crushed. Until the economy in general improves, Bitcoin and such will be in the basement. There is no magic wand that will make crypto prices improve while the economy is tanking. Watch the stock market if you want to see where crypto is going and right now the stock market is going to be crap for a while.

    As for LUNA, I think it's finished. It will probably stagger along for a while as a shell of its former self but I don't think any big investor will ever trust it again. I sold off most of my LUNA about a month ago due to worries about how it could perform in a crisis, and I was right. I wish I had sold it all, but that's the way it goes at times.

  7. What's interesting about BTC right now is that it is in the process of retesting the quarterly mid range area as support on the weekly timeframe. Beginners focus on analysis, but professionals operate in a three dimensional space. They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. Meanwhile tradiing bitcoin options provide excellent opportunities for investors aiming to maximize gains while limiting their losses. Using multiple call(buy) options CRAIG MICHL TRUMAN create a strategy capable of returns six times higher than the potential loss these can be used in bullish and bearish circumstances, depending on the investors expectations. :know that concentrating investments based on ones own convictions and homework, plus the ability to deal with losses, is the key to success

  8. @Lark- why keep collecting only bitcoin in this crash? why not alt coins which are 80-90% down? for small investor like me, would it not make more sense to collect key alts (ape, matic, ada etc) at huge discount, as they will have a much higher upside than bitcoin? what am I missing?

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