EA Teases Four Games in 2023 Including a New Remake and Major IP – IGN Daily Fix

EA Teases Four Games in 2023 Including a New Remake and Major IP - IGN Daily Fix

On today’s IGN The Fix: Games, Electronic Arts offered its investors a sneak peek at what it’s got cooking for EA 2023 today during …


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  1. wanna know the funniest thing in the world? its when you see a known star cultizen zombie crapping on EA about microtransactions.

  2. It's gonna be DA, Bet the new Remake is gonna be ME on next Gen. They just did it for current and if they are going to have us import stuff they're gonna drop a newer sparkling game.

  3. Why not a Asian lead or a Native American or Hispanic lead? It’s such a trivial thing to get upset over when there are plenty of other minorities underrepresented

  4. Let’s have full remake of EA’s classic game Jurassic Park Lost World. Who remembers that gem? Anyone? No? Just me then.

  5. Cal shoulda been an alien or a customizable character tbh hes so boring but giving us the freedom to make a leading charcter how we want woulda been better…… Im kinda sick of playing as human force user in a starwars game……..

  6. Be smart, expect nothing from EA, buy nothing from EA until its out and reviewed, and never EVER preorder from EA.

    Never forget all the great games and great companies murdered by EA. They have a graveyard out back filled with our memories in graves dug with our own money, never forget that.

  7. IGN… listen…. its such a short video.. just get to it please, why do this whole pre chat intro, when you just about to tell us, its not like later in the news this, your literally just about to tell us a few seconds later what you prechat introed like wtf kinda bollox is this

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