Crypto Emergency! Bitcoin Crashes, UST & LUNA Melt Down!

Crypto Emergency! Bitcoin Crashes, UST & LUNA Melt Down!

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  1. I took some profits at the top, but not a lot. I put the profits in gold, silver, and platinum. Then I unexpectedly lost my job, had a car break down, have unexpected medical bills, got married, & applied for a Green Card for my wife, and all these events happened all well away from either of Bitcoin's recent peaks. I was forced to sell most of my gold, since it was the only thing in my portfolio that hadn't fallen a lot. Now my portfolio is overheavy crypto since I was forced to sell some of my precious metals when I didn't want to, so I can't buy the dip or rebalance without eating the crypto losses. I also maxed out some new credit cards I got that I don't have to pay interest on until 2023. I just have to wait for prices to go back up. I keep getting loan offers, so maybe I'll take one and use it to buy more BTC if we hear news that the FED will start QE again. But until then, I'm in survival mode trying to pay off my bills and credit cards.

  2. This luna crypto crash really showed who has a head on their shoulders. Some people are still holding and some have been dcaing all the way down….. I m glad you broke even, it's better than seeing your initial investment evaporate

  3. I stayed away from Anchor, glad I'm getting my yield in HEX. I said this many times. HEX is the place to get reliable yield, 100% uptime, immutable code. Eventually you will all learn that buying these kinds of coins that are not a finished product will get people rekt.

  4. Imagine something like this now happens to USDT……crypto will have to revert back to the 2010 era…..and probably also banned by the governments

  5. I'm buying as much Bitcoin as I possibly can this month and then forgetting about it. Great opportunity for me to buy low and obtain great gains. πŸ˜€

  6. When is everyone going to wake up to themselves….ADA is the only DECENTRALISED secure blockchain that is being built properly, fresh from ground up PEER REVEIWED, ETH is broken trying to adopt to ada proof of stake, solana is broken luna is broken, xrp infinite supply just like luna holders are discovering right now…..the list goes on and on! Copy and paste of broken blockchains that don't work regardless of their new names is still a broken blockchain!!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! AS we have seen it only takes one fault to bring the whole kingdom down to zero!

  7. You know, I remember someone telling me to do my own research when I could have made a big pile of money by not listening to YouTubers on Doge. It's nice to see it coming full circle. Sorry dude.

  8. Man, now I'm kinda glad I missed the train on Luna ^^
    So far, I'm only down on my DOT investment, but that isn't really an issue since it is staked for the long run anyways. Still up on BTC, ETH, ADA, and EGLD. Hurts a bit to see the nice numbers go down significantly in the wallet, but they'll comeback eventually πŸ™‚

  9. I had been averaging in to LUNA for the last year. Woke up to 99.9% loss. Sweet.
    Luckily ETH isnt dead yet… Wish i had capital to buy that 52week low lol

  10. Awesome video, I got lucky this time around, and had sold about half of my portfolio last November, and still had cash around so i was able to by at a pretty decent price

  11. Don’t put in more than you can afford to go to zero! If u did and lost money, try not to sweat it and learn from the mistake. Dollar cost avg!

  12. Damn is right brother… Well on the good side. 1 BTC is still worth One Bitcoin. Right πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ .2% and everyone loses their mind πŸ₯² crazy crazy 2008 in the house!!!

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