Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison guide – should you upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison guide - should you upgrade?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with some great new features and a commendable specs list. But should S4 owners be …


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  1. People saying that there isn't much difference obviously can't afford the phone. it's obvious that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S4. I own the S4 by the way, but i would still purchase the S5 because it is still better than the S4.

  2. I am buying the S4 today. The S5 is too expensive and not worth the money when all it does differently is look different and have a slightly upgraded camera and specs

  3. I think that the owners should consider an update.There are tons of features worth spending money on!Well,I make youtube videos about tech if take a look I will be so happy!

  4. What should I get a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5? I have a samsung eternity.
    I've been waiting for a good phone… ( the wait is too long!) i can wait for the s5 release though, any opinions?

  5. I have s4 octa core vesrion. Galaxy s5 is not a good upgrade . Ill w8 for the 2nd variant of s5 octa .

  6. Lol i have no idea why people want a 2k screen, firstly 44ippi on the s4 is more than what your eyes can see anyway you cant see pixels so why would you want anymore. Also a 2k screen will burn your battery like twice as much as a 1080p screen so what would be the point, screens are about as big as people would want nowadays as well so maybe instead of giving us stupid little gimicks they should inivate on the capacity of the batteries or stoarge. Honestly still like 64gb/128gb max, embarrassing you can get 1tb flash drives now.

  7. Really hope they still make an S5 Prime. Suppose to be all metal, and a QHD display. Only way I would upgrade from my HTC ONE. The HTC M8 is also the same at the One which sucks.

  8. Here is my problem. The s4 is great for now but next year it won't be and as the months go, the phone will go slower. The tech world is moving very fast. I remember 3 years ago the Evo was the thing and now you can't even update the software. I hate that the S5 is not much better but I also want to stay up to date

  9. Why r people arguing its plastic your still goin to snap a case on it. People said they didn't make enough changes well apple added a fingerprint sensor and the whole world we excited like crazy dogs samsung made more changes than apple… Apple fanboys say that samsung copied there idea.. Wrong laptops and other phones such as Motorola had one as well….

  10. theres still some customers who wants to buy an s5? really im an s3 user before and its good but not as good as my htc one now since they launch the s4 it all looks the same now. if you buying this s5 samsung will build more plastic galaxy ssss cmon its 2014 now they need to change the style of their phones! heart beat monitor is a big joke because u can do that even u r using iphones with led flash. finger print scanner is way better on iphone 5s. the UI of the htc one is much simple & snappy. i dont need some pre installed apps that i saw when i tried the note 3 because i cant hide it so i sold it again. dont get me wrong i love the super amoled the screen of the note 3 its better than my htc one but i can sacrifice that because the speaker of the note 3 is worse than the note 2. Iphone 5s speaker is louder than the htc one but the htc one have the best speaker sound quality so far.

  11. Christ that's ugly. What are Samsung doing? I remember waiting for S2 and S3 excitedly, but the S4 and now this have been no more than S updates. Then the pathetic back, why not just use decent material? I can see the new HTC One blowing this out the water, I actually think Xperia Z2 already does. 
    Shame on you Samsung. 
    The Shamesung Plaster. LOL

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