Why NOT to cross the road behind a flaming LIBERTY WALK Lamborghini…

Supercars on the streets – Welcome back to another London supercar spotting video!

As always loads of action on the streets of central London these days, from a flaming liberty walk Aventador to a stunning Porsche Carrera GT and much more!

Enjoy the video!

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador , Ferrari Novitec 812, SF90 Stradale , 812 superfast, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Huracan Evo, Mclaren Senna,…

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  1. Meh. Liberty Walk not my taste. Their rival in Japan is Fighting Star, which is owned by Morohoshi. They're famous for those flashy neons but also does custom skirts. But the thing is, unlike Liberty Walk, their mods are all reversible.

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