iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend under pressure? Conspiracy theorists watch my new uncut test – http://youtu.be/gJ3Ds6uf0Yg …


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  1. How dare you do this to my wonder device j could have done very many things with my iPhone 6 Plus but I saw funny birthday man bend it and I was like hey if it’s the dudes birthday today then this can’t end well and now I can’t even type an angry comment(I love you happy b day)

  2. This did not happen if you immediately put your phone into an OtterBox defender case, life proof FRE, or any other hard shell poly carbonate case with or without a TPU layer. It’s only happened to folks who used those very flexible silicone cheap cases knock off brands or carry them bareback. The 6000 series aluminum that Apple used in the iPhone 6 and 6+ was the main culprit. This never happened again as soon as Apple upgraded to a 7000 series aluminum which debuted in the iPhone 6s series

  3. lol what's funny is there are phones that still have failures like this… Zac from Jerryrig bent pretty a few new gaming phones recently.. imagine siting on your phone and turning it into a folding phone :')

  4. yep if you put enough pressure on an item it will bend. I have never bent any device I owned, that includes iphones.(other then on purpose)

  5. I don’t get it- both sets of buttons on the phone are located almost equally on each side- so logic would say, given it was one of the first models that thin- obviously it would bend in those vulnerable places?

  6. If you compare Lew back from 2014 to Lew from 2022 you can clearly see this dude was really humble and relatable, today I can barely handle content of Lew screaming to the mic.

  7. I remember the first time I watch this video, I keep telling my friends that the iPhone 6 can band cuz I saw some dude on the internet made a video of that. Thanks Lew 😊

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