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  1. Tyler, ngl i love your videos but you should change testing content, Its not like Its boring dont get me wrong, you just go into the video and you know youre testing something from for example Harbor Freight And you know Its supposed to be bad and overexaggerate the bad And overthing a little too much

  2. I think part of the issue with that pancake mold is that the griddle looks like it's warped.

    And the potato chip thing took 8 minutes because the microwave Tyler uses in the garage (assuming it's the same one he tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner in) is only 900 watts. I've got the exact same one at home and I hate it because it's so low power.

  3. It is still early for watermelon….give it another couple weeks Memerial day it will start comming down…also the v tool on the watermelon tools are for cutting a while one apart…most people use that took on canalopes and honeydew to get fancy zig zag cut

  4. I had bacon bowls a few years ago. I would take shredded chicken, cheese and ranch and put it in the bowl. Or breakfast bowls with eggs!

  5. I want to believe this is an act….I never thought people actually acted or lived like infomercial people but Tyler has me believing those people do exist.

  6. I love this, because it's how normal people would try these products.
    He gives it a good go, reading the instructions, and accepting user error as an option for a botched first attempt. It's so genuine.

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