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  1. I watched a bunch of bitcoin videos lately
    All you guys know nothing and just make shit up
    Bitcoin is controlled by the whales pump and dump and you idiots keep putting money in and when the whales dump you transfered your wealth into their pockets
    All bitcoin is ponzi scheme controlled by the whales
    None of your charts are worth anything because only the whales know when to pump and dump
    You guys just make shit up while you have know idea what the whales are up to
    Bitcoin is like forex
    Follow the whales
    Billionaires get more rich while you suckers get more poor

  2. I definitely need to get OUT of my anchor/UST holdings …not trying to stay in or anything but would love to hear thoughts on best path for that? Should I take the loss where it stands or wait to see what restitution proposal is pressed forward

  3. Heard of LZN gotten through pancakeswap , treasury is well secured,gives community members rewards for holding 🤑🤑.. Luzion protocol is the best

  4. Lost 40K on Luna. I was staking on Binance so I couldn't get my funds out when the price was crashing. It was an awful feeling and still hurts now.

  5. I put $10 in Luna during the crater and made $300 that night. Got in on another crater the next day and make $200.

    That being said, I blew $400 chasing it down in the first place, so you shouldn't follow my cues, but there is still money to be made in the volatility

  6. What a gem 2022 have high profit.


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