Sony Xperia 1 IV: The First Phone With an Actual Zoom Lens

Sony Xperia 1 IV: The First Phone With an Actual Zoom Lens

If you’re a creative type, photographer, filmmaker, gamer or audiophile, Sony and its Xperia line of phones are after your heart, …


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  1. Interesting how several of the things that make this phone great is Sony not following all the BS anti-consumer "features" Apple implemented over the years

  2. the mk3 was already expensive, what made it somewhat bearable was it came with their XM4 wireless buds when they launched here in SG. maybe they can do the same for these mk4s

  3. Thought they increased price for better cameras? So why still same old IMX sensors? Yet Sony supplies newer and better sensors to Iphone, Xiaimi, etc.

  4. He said it only comes in black in the US. However, on their site it shows purple as well and let's me add it to my cart. Can anyone confirm if this is for sure true?

  5. thanks for covering the Sony Xperia 1 mk IV in an in depth first look! you guys always make the best videos and i really appreciate the attention to detail! thank you!

  6. The Sony fan in me – Cant even afford to look at the price of the phone but hoping everybody else buys it and makes this phone a hit.

  7. "1600$ iS oUt Of My bUdGeT," meanwhile there are iPhones that cost the same and sell pretty good. That was a way too pointless statement, my dood. Every phone has its buyer.. And saying most of the people can't afford it is pretty hypocrite, lol.

  8. I feel like the total package just offers too little to warrant the price tag, can get both Iphone 13 Pro Max and Samsung s22 Ultra for a cheaper price and I would rate those phones as better phones. Of course there are things this phone will be better at but from an overall point of view I feel that those two are better and cheaper.

  9. For that price and the fact that it won’t be available anytime soon it’s going to be forgotten before it even releases. You can thank Sony marketing for that.

  10. It has 512 gig and can use pass by mode that do can use a external Powerbank with USB C 3.0 PD fast charging that can use on other apps beside gaming are a real great Function tjat actually Can use

  11. I'm sure Xperia management is filled by old-fart people who don't want to hear feedback.

    Old managers who don't want to listen the market advice.
    Too idealistic, they are thinking if they have prestige just like Apple.

  12. Hey uncle can you please gift me iPhone se 2 please or any Google pixel phone in ny country their is no any googles phone

  13. Coming only to the US in 1 colour is not an issue. As they say, the colour of your phone is the colour of the case you put over it.

  14. If I may ask ; what is that nonsense with android versions upgrades each year, and therefore we have to throw phones in the rubbish-bins, wich are still perfectly good ? Who is responsible for this madness ?

  15. So these phones didn't exist:
    Nokia N93,

    Samsung G810,

    Asus Zenfone Zoom,

    Samsung S4 Zoom,

    Samsung K-Zoom,

    Sharp 910SH…

    And there is nobody in CNET older than 14 who could remember some of these phones to correct this video before it's published, or at least do any research?

  16. why sony is always bad at pricing, if they cut the price maybe sony can compete of android market especially samsung. Also, sony's marketing is bad tho

  17. A little upgrade over the previous, but with a more PREMIUM price and that too without the charger and data cable (atleast).! And that camera, just the same processing, i know it has the PRO mode, but, come on, it's 2022! The World needs AI Computational Photography also…the NIGHT mode. Well then they say, it's only for "Content Creators"!
    If that is the case, then it's a big let down from Sony, for being a Sony user since the Ericsson days….now… it's over. Lastly, even if the above all done, it's still not available for purchase in my country. (For atleast waiting for another year after release also)
    But still, i love SONY……❤️

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