Oculus Quest 2 vs Playstation VR – Which is BETTER?

Oculus Quest 2 vs Playstation VR - Which is BETTER?

The pros & cons of the Oculus Quest 2 vs the Playstation VR. Which is better? Which do I like more?! Patreon: http://www.


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  1. Oculus quest 2 is best just need the elite battery strap for longer play find with PlayStation VR was lazy using the move controllers and a camera like didn’t do a real VR set experience

  2. I have both, and i like both of them. The oculus has really good photo and controllers, but the psvr never seems to have problems.

  3. How much did PlayStation pay you to do that cringe dance, and with the Oculus strapped to your head like a 5 year old did it?

  4. Took 30 seconds to create a Facebook account to use this. No one would be stupid enough to sign into their actual accounts

  5. lmao. thats the worst comparison ever. everyone knows the ps vr is the crappiest of all headsets. even the first ever rift shits on it.

  6. im not even going to try and watch this ignorant ass video, ofc the quest i better, the psvr is the shittest vr on the market, and thats coming from someone whos owned ever playstation until the 5 and i moved to pc for obvious reasons

  7. Facebook doesn’t bother me. I have a few friends and I’m hardly ever on Facebook.
    Regardless of them sharing my info I don’t care.
    I have bigger things to worry about.
    I did buy a Oculus 2 and it’s worth it.
    There is no real perfect system

  8. The Facebook login isn't an issue i wasn't on Facebook but I created an account and there's nothing in it no photos or friends nothing! They can't sell any info because there isn't any👌

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