How To Prevent Motion Sickness In Virtual Reality

I give you some practical tips on how to prevent motion sickness in virtual reality. Motion sickness in VR will affect roughly 4 in 10 …


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  1. Majority who Watch this video is people bought vr in couple days and never expected vr make feel you sick.
    no tuning back bro, you allready bought that vr, Get used to it 😂

  2. I tried to push through it and felt soooooo rough, like I couldn't speak and had to lay down for about 5 hours

  3. I just got done with a game of blades and scourcery I am so dizzy I played on endless mode for a good hour uuuuuuuuuugggggggg

  4. I was playing vr chat and I wasn’t even moving. I was literally staying still and I STILL got motion sickness . I wanted to throw up and sleep so bad, sleep for it to pass, man I spent days with Motion sickness. Even thinking about VR made me kinda sick

  5. I only get motion sick if I'm moving in game (as in flying, driving or walking). The thing that gets me which doesn't help motion sickness, is the blurriness. Yes I've altered the lenses, wiping the lenses, separator, strap settings, res. rate etc and the result is that nothing changes. I'm not surprised people feel sick. Forget evolution, VR is poorly designed (scientifically). But also, quality in most products these days is absolute crap as companies try to reduce their production costs yet increase output and profit (welcome to earth). It's so easy to blame the consumer's health, hardware, etc… not the fact that not a single thought or care has been given to alert the effects apart from some "comfortable" tag on games. Pretty dire to be honest and borderline dangerous!! Although VR has only been out a few years, it is still, very much, in it's early stages, I get that. Even with the Quest 2, AirLink (wireless connection to a PC) is done by enabling it under "Experimental" in settings. Sorry to say guys, but the whole VR thing is experimental! lol. There should be clear test results and notifies for certain health conditions apart from the obvious, photosensitive epilepsy.

  6. Yeah just gave Oculus a shot for the first time and I was sick within 5 mins. I work in the exciting world of IT and big data, but thank God I'm not a gamer (not disappointed Oculus is not for me lol)

  7. i jumped into phasmophobia straight away walked forward and fell over irl… completly threw me off balance lmao

  8. Is it motion sickness if just your head feels weird? Cause that's all that happens to me when I play. It's not hurting but it feels weird and kinda hurt

  9. Never had an issue with motion sickness in real life or flat screen games and didnt expect it to be a problem for me at all. Just got my first headset and 10min of walking around in VR chat made me feel sick

  10. I just got mine and tried Goliath and felt warm and dizzy, I got so sad but good to know others feel the same way , and it can be worked on !

  11. I remember first time playing gorilla tag. After i took the headset off my brain tought that the physics were same in real life so i tought that i would lift my body with one hand. I think some of you maybe had this?

  12. Timestamps

    2:25 – Make sure your IPD (Interpupillary distance) is set correctly.
    2:51 – Check the games comfort ratings (comfortable starting games are Beat Saber and Superhot because you don't walk around)
    4:13 – Physically turn your body instead of using the control stick to turn
    4:28 – Check the games' comfort settings on their menu screen (most games have this)
    4:46 – Play for short sessions and take regular breaks, hydrate, and turn on a fan to keep cool
    5:05 – Do NOT try to push through motion-sickness symptoms. Try playing later after you feel better.
    5:36 – If you push through and get even more sick, your brain will associate VR with motion sickness.
    5:49 – Drink cold ginger ale (ginger is a traditional medicine for motion sickness)

    Feel better!

  13. I remember when I first got my headset, and the first game I played was path of the warrior, which was ranked intense, and I didn't know anything about that really, and I pretty much almost died, but its been like 3 years now, and im much better with it

  14. I just got my oculus 2 yesterday and the first games I bought we drunken bar fight and blade & sorcery nomad. I made a stupid decision buying those games because I never knew I had a problem with motion sickness. So does anyone recommend any games to start out so I could get used to vr?

  15. Games that include moving around in real life, standing still, or teleporting are fine for me but when it comes to joystick movement I get motion sickness 💀

  16. Like many here, i get extremely dizzy with games where there is walking with joystick. Dizziness is instant and and super strong. Does anyone that experienced this feeling got better with practice or do i just have to accept i won't be able to play those games?

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