Humanoid on the end of MAD Lions' run at Worlds 2020 | ESPN Esports

Humanoid on the end of MAD Lions' run at Worlds 2020 | ESPN Esports

Humanoid joins Emily Rand to discuss their BO5 set against Supermassive on Day 5 of play-ins at Worlds 2020 and what kinds of …


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  1. MAD and C9 were the teams I was most excited about heading into summer split and the way the fell off at the end was sad to see. I'd love to see MAD run it back with this roster because they're way better than they've shown recently.

  2. 5 mid bans twice but still hard carried, he shouldnt feel guilty. Shadow was garbage, Orome always lost lane and Carzzy and Kaiser were playing on another meta.

  3. Humanoid shouldnt feel any guilt, he played his heart out same for Carzzy and Kaiser (who had some rather underwhelming performance), but please Huamnoid you need to pressure staff so they bench Orome and Shadow. Both of them made drafting literally unwinnable. Orome is dogshit on everything but Ornn and Shadow doesnt know how to jungle, he has only mechanics on certain champs that got him this far.

  4. Fucking big tennis of Emily Rand who is obviously struck to interview that poor Humanoid. Also big respect and somehow devastating to see how crushed, realistic and clear he sees on their own personal failure of this event. I guess its useless to flame such young rookie talent since you can be sure that proplayers are always the hardest on themselves… as you can see here. Still enjoyed the quality of this short interview.

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