The US Stock Market is getting destroyed today and everyone is panicking right now. Or are they? Bitcoin Holders are staying …


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  2. just as i said on a previous video downtrend will continue , frankly with everything we got going on now Market is just behaving very logically

  3. but george , u talked about ALL THOSE BTC LONGS. they psych'd u out. maybe werent even real. dont u get it, 3 more years of biden, 3 more years of bear. fn process it already jeez

  4. BTC ADA ETH The only safe asset. Unfortunately I realised this too late. I don’t even have a single one. But I know it is the future.

  5. The thing is after the covid crash the feds pump alot of money into the market but right now they are sucking all the money out the market

  6. 2 groups are not in fear, billionaires that make money in the futures after hours and illegals that receive free food, rent, housing, health care, etc. Ever seen an illegal homeless?

  7. President Biden did this! First the Plandemic. Then killing off our energy independence. Giving all Free money, so small businesses get destroyed, because few want to work…. could go on for hours! This is planned by Team Biden. Only The Puppet doesn't have a clue!

  8. George never sells anything, but do what's right 4u guys.
    He lead everyone down 99% in LUNA. He kept saying "no point selling "from when LUNA was $50😀

  9. No more terra news! Terraform owes $78 million in Taxes to the Korean Government. They are BROKE get over it George move on!!

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