ITS HAPPENING AGAIN (Bitcoin Pattern)!! Bitcoin News Today, Bitcoin Price Prediction, Bitcoin Crash

ITS HAPPENING AGAIN (Bitcoin Pattern)!! Bitcoin News Today, Bitcoin Price Prediction, Bitcoin Crash

ITS HAPPENING AGAIN (Bitcoin Pattern)!! Bitcoin News Today, Bitcoin Price Prediction, Bitcoin Crash Welcome back to the …


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  2. In <my view, If there are no new crypto highs in 2022 then it's a great accumulation opportunity. DCA, stack sats, take a long term view. & most importantly of all.…chill and trade ! The movement in the chart is primarily from market makers attacking and trapping liquidity. When the price drops, they are building a long position, and when the price moves up, the market makers are building their short positions. Very little of this has to do with bullish sentiment. It has to do with leveraged positions, and which liquidity ranges are exploited, liquidated, trapped, etc.. 99.9% of buyers do not have the financial means to actually move price. It is the market maker directing all of it. You could have billions of dollars long on BTC, and if the market makers wants to send it lower to trap those buy orders, he will. At this point in time, it has gotten to a stage where we should no longer be hodling our crypto assets like a movie and watches it dip, change that mind set and start trading your crypto assets. Though i used to be a hodler but Thanks to Mr DAVID TROGAN for helping me to change that mind set of just hodling alone instead of trading, with the way the market is going right now, i am still making more profits than ever because i trade while hodlers are complains here and there about how the market is dipping on daily basis cos they are losing. With the accurate trade signal and insight from Mr DAVID TROGAN been copied in my trades so far, i have been able to day trade and amassed over 12.6 bct as dividend with an approximately 2.5 btc that i started with Communicate with Mr DAVID TROGAN via Telegram {@Trogansignals }on how to make trades and stay profitable with his trading strateg..

  3. My trading journey was a matriculation of high and low literally just like the market. You up and you down. Now I'm constantly up

  4. <I agree to all that is being said, one thing I’ve learnt recently is to remain calm especially when it comes to investment in Cryptocurrency. if bitcoin doesn't go bearish further, it means we may get a period of some relief rallies across then markets would be good but the crypto market is unstable and you can’t easily tell if it’s going bullish or bearish. While i and my colleagues are trading daily without fear of making losses but profits, others are being patient waiting for the price to skyrocket, well It all depends on the strategy/signal you follow. I have been able to amass a lot of profits 11.5 btc! and more when i started at 3.5btc from day-trade with Mark Ron using his daily signals/strategy in few weeks. I've full confidence in his trading abilities. You can easily get to him Ꭲ Ꭼ Ꮮ Ꭼ Ꮆ Ꮢ 𐋎 M << @Markron_crypto on ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ his trading signals has triple my portfolio>>

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