Today let’s look at Bitcoin and why its holding strong despite S&P 500 entering bear market. Do Kwon answers many questions …


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  2. BTC was going sideways and holding for a few months in the mid to high 30k and we all saw how that ended up crashing. Plus global market was doing less shit than it is now bro, relax with the positivity talk

  3. Burn can never work. The math doesn't add up. Plus everyone who held pre-attack gets so diluted that even if it does work, so what? What would working look like? Maybe it gets up to .001 from .0001? So if you held millions before the attack you now go up from $10 to $100? Big deal. The only way for pre-attack holders to salvage anything, the only chance at all, is the fork. The details of the fork can be negotiated, but if it doesn't happen all the long term holders lose everything.

    Should do the fork and then if you want still keep classic and try the burn. No reason not to do both. Grow the pie. But the burn can't possibly work for long haulers. No possible way mathematically. You had a hundred thousand coins before the attack and now you have the same as someone who spent less than a penny? You'd never get a thousandth of your money back.

    One more thing.

    Who did this?

    Who conducted this attack?

    If it wasn't just a series of unfortunate events, if it was a malicious and coordinated effort to bring it all down, then we need to know who did it.

    If they can't be brought to justice through the legal system, they can at least be doxxed, protested, boycotted, publicly shamed and scorned.

  4. George what do you think of ojamu coin ?

    Bitboy & crypto martini where very bullish in beginning of the year what is your opinion on this project ?

  5. Given the all the repetitiveness gotta give props for the amount of charts that can be pulled out of ones ass. Who knows where it's going but comparing these to other markets is just disregarding the halving which has drove BTC since the beginning so far

  6. Hey terra community it is very simple. Remove trash idiot Do Kwon from project period. He made peoples lose lots of money. Sue his behind in international court.

  7. Perfect way to lose subscribers, it's not even worth looking at do Kwon says now. Look at what he said back in the day. He knew it would go to shit. People that shill Luna are the same idiots saying Biden is a great president and inflation is normal. What high gas prices.. living in la la land..

  8. George use to not be like most of these delusional hard headed shcills you changed george and i see that you're losing a lot of respect stop your imaginary rallies how can btc be holding strong when its down 60% just keep it real dude its not that difficult is it?

  9. This is starting to get pathetic George is absolutely the biggest childish sore loser there is the worst part is he lost a bunch of Luna and he's crying about it meanwhile 85 to 92% of it wasn't even bought out of his own pocket it was given to him for advertisements and shelling crappy crypto to his audience

  10. Nothing is guaranteed but the BTC ETH and some alt trajectories over time are up. Optimism long term is better for health wealth and happiness. No one likes their assets losing value but if you're all in, reduce risk if its bad enough or just hold and work on other more valuable areas of your life. And buy low sell high over time.

  11. Binance and all the rest of these people are trying to steal people's, Terra Luna. I think it will go back up.

  12. This argument that BTC is a hedge against inflation because it has performed so well over 12 years does not seem right. It performed well when inflation was low, how about now that it is high ??

  13. A "no" on that proposal isn't to your benefit, George. Burning from the existing supply means that someone who put $1 into LUNA at the bottom of the crash would have bigger bags than you even if you had over $200,000 in LUNA pre-crash.

  14. Terra is a shit coin. I'm glad I didn't fomo into that trash. I've been in this long enough to know as soon as all these so called influencers start shilling some trash you better hold your wallet tight.

  15. Terra might go down as the biggest rug of all time. Korean courts point out some mighty coincidental events that led to Terra's collapse.

  16. George forget about this shit coin. Jesus. I mean it looks like you were all in on it and you are hoping that somehow it will pump back. It wont. If it even survives it will be in the fractions of a penny. Luna was a scam. They got everyone. It was well executed scam and most likely no one will be prosecuted.

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