Bitcoin: Whale Watching

Bitcoin: Whale Watching

Because of the transparency of the #blockchain, we can track what various #Bitcoin “whales” are doing. While transaction activity …


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  1. ⚠️Note: beware of fake Ben scambots.
    • Only scammers post phone numbers.
    • Report Telegram and Ph# scammers.

  2. Why some whales are buying regularly very small amount of BTC. Like they are creating unnecessary traffic on their accounts. What is the point of that?

  3. I like to buy when everyone is crying about the sky falling, suicide hotline #'s are being posted and when everyone "kNoWs cRyPTo iS dEaD". foolproof

  4. The fact that there are no outflows from those wallets is scary. Some Saudi prince is probably trying to preserve his wealth for his children or something.

  5. Ready the harpoons! There she blows!

    The meme of DCA is propagated as it ensures exit liquidity as we head toward the tops. It helps to slow the steep decline of the dumps. In short DCA really helps everyone else a lot!
    Buying when we are low and not when we are high taking profits instead is far more does not mean u need to guess the bottom. But hey thanks to all of u for your DCA!

  6. I feel pretty good about periodic buys below 30k, even thought it seems we could still go quite a bit lower. But in the long term I don't think we'll regret

  7. Will be curious to see how crypto will behave in a legitimate recession. Which arguably has already been underway for months. I still imagine the long term trend will mostly hold though.

  8. I once saw 1.5 million in BTC get collected from like 8 accounts, and moved around for 48 hours jumping from one address to another every few minutes, from time to time they would leave behind $100, $1000. Was weird to watch.

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