Is This Laptop Too "Extreme"?

Thinkpad X1 Extreme (USA Link) – Thinkpad X1 Extreme (International) – The …


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  1. One year later and I still mostly use my x1 extreme over my desktop….. it’s just so powerful for the size and I can get most my work done on it anywhere I go. My desktop is literally only being used for gaming, Storage and impossible large files or programs…… the x1 isn’t best for gaming though it runs everything smoothly but it’s still better on the desktop. The models with bigger memory and ram don’t have the best screens or graphics card. It’s doable and I often use it for gaming when I’m away from my desktop but the experience is more like a 4th gen console like the PS4 than a PC. For those that are curious the about the graphics card it’s Nvidai Gtx 1650 4GB GDDR5 Integrated Graphics and I believe the Screen res is 1920×1080 with only 60hz…. so yea

  2. 3:55 I was surprised to find the majority of people (people who you ask in person. Not people replying to a comment after using Google) don't know the purpose of this sentence.
    Which is probably why most people type it wrong from memory. It's "jumps", but most people type "jumped".

  3. I remember in the mid 2000s my friend had a thinkbook and I was like, "whoa, now this is an ideal keyboard." Now, looking for laptops I'm thinking that was the joy of a bygone era. Now I'm seeing these and going holy s*** they stayed exactly the same :''''D

  4. I used MacBookPros for over 7 years. I switched and had the X1 extreme for over an year now. Got it with 16GB of ram. Upgraded to 32GB later. Started working in a project that requires me to start a bunch of docker instances. I ran out of RAM. Ordered 2 x 32GB DDR4 ram online. Waiting for them to arrive. This is one of the greatest things of this notebook. It IS really a PRO machine. MacBooks are NOT anymore PROs.

  5. No, it is NOT “too extreme”. It is a nice laptop that is priced as if it had an RTX 2080 super instead of a GTX 1650. Props for being thin and relatively light, but that’s WAY too much money for the specs, it might even rival the MacBooks.

  6. that laptop is great but the design is ancient. 1992. overall good laptop. both modern and a lot of nostalgia.

  7. If one was to get a 4k model, is it possible to turn down the resolution so when you are in battery mode it will not drain as fast?

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