Over 20 of the BEST Free VR Games 2022 (PCVR & Quest)

Over 20 of the BEST Free VR Games 2022 (PCVR & Quest)

Welcome back. Today I continue to help you get the most out of your VR headsets in 2022 so now we have a list of over 20 of the …


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  1. Aircar is an oldie but goldie. A nice experience where you fly around a cyberpunk world in, you guessed it, an aircar. There are 8 landing places to get extra fuel and a booster pack. For the rest, it’s just flying around in a gorgeous environment….

  2. VR game metaverse is amazing, change the whole concept of the game industry. And in crypto, this will be the next trend in 2022. I playing Zombie World Z for metaverse. They giveaway for beta test 10k$, amazing how about you?

  3. 1. Super Raft BoatVR – looks like trash but it’s actually a fun and addictive formula

    2. Shopping trip to Elkantor – a quick but fun hidden object game. Strikes a similar itch as hidden folks.

    3. Raceroom Racing Experience – if you have a wheel and pedals, this is a full on racing sim experience for free! The visuals are a little dated but the gameplay is pretty good and it has an active community. It’s a a flat screen game that has decent VR support.

  4. Awesome list my dude. If I was to add anything it would be the demo for No More Rainbows. It’s Gorilla Tag meets Super Mario in an incredible and surprisingly great first person platformer. You get to try the entire first world in the demo so it’s worth checking out. It’s been on Steam for a little while and it just came to app lab. Full game set to release late this year but may be pushed out farther.

  5. Vail is a pretty fun pcvr free fps
    You do have to join their discord to get early access but its still free

  6. Ha! Found a new one. Was hoping I would find at least one new title and that's exactly how many I didn't have from your list lol.

  7. Matteo have you seen the new Trailer for Lonn?? What do you think? You should try to get early access for a video😁 I don’t want to get too excited until I see impressions from someone I know can be critical.

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