Top 5 Best Flagship Android Smartphones of 2022 (H1) in India *Reviewed*

Top 5 Best Flagship Android Smartphones of 2022 (H1) in India *Reviewed*

The best of the best. Buy them here: OnePlus 10 Pro – iQOO 9 Pro – Xiaomi 12 Pro …


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  1. I mean even my note 10 plus from 2019 is running obeui 4 for 5 months now…and is on Apr sec patch…my mom's s21u hasn't missed any software update. It's on oneui 4.x since November last year and is on May sec patch…SAMSUNG IS UNTOUCHABLE WHEN IT COMES TO SOFTWARE SUPPORT
    But the animations are pathetic and sub par even on their flagships and the gaming is worse than even an iqoo z*3*

  2. Great ranking video…. But i just not agree with you bro at one ranking point… Vivo x80 pro should be at 2nd…comparing with s 22+… S22+ even cost higher than vivo x80 pro.. Only advantage over x80 pro is software update programme… I am using rightnow Samsung phone and one ui is also kind of trash as so many bloteware are installed on every update need to remove manually and many stock apps that i don't even used since phone purchase…. I am your honest fan that's why i shared my view… Keep rocking as always… 🙂👍🏻

  3. Just want to say that you should mention that they are YOUR top flagship as you preferred samsung in you most video of TOP series . So just want to remind be biased about some brand , you must give a genuine review as it was earlier given by Arun sir .

  4. Being a former Samsung Note 20 Ultra owner… I picked iQOO 9 Pro over the OnePlus 10 Pro/ Xiaomi 12 Pro/ Samsung S22+/ Samsung S22 Ultra after going their international reviews.. I'm happy with my decision..

    Having said that, Im looking at Xiaomi 12 Ultra for my next switch..

  5. Hey bro, can we consider the moto edge 20 fusion in 2022, currently I'm looking for a phone under 20k with clear software experience? is it the right choice or is any interesting thing in the lineup in 2022?

  6. Using s22 plus and I totally agree with ershad here ,the battery life is all over the place. Only thing I would want from samsung is some level of polish in it's animations which actually is worser than other flagship devices.

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