Urgent! Bitcoin Going To $8,000!!!

Urgent! Bitcoin Going To $8,000!!!

Bitcoin price to $8000? Crypto news and the BTC price FUD. BITGET 15% OFF AND $5000 IN BONUSES …


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  1. Media, wall st, gov massive hedge funds all these guys are in cahoots; don't think for one second these were not behind Luna fall, they will control all bitcoin unless the average investor unites against them

  2. Sorry Lark. I used to watch your videos every time you put one out. Good info and quite entertaining… But in the last few months they've turned more and more click-baitey to the point where I can't even bring myself to click on them to watch… Titles are getting more and more ridiculous… Sadly, I have to unsubscribe… Hope you reconsider this path as your channel used to be one of the "good ones". Best regards

  3. I won’t go to 8K but it’ll come down to between 18-22K I reckon during this bear market. Maybe even lower. We’ve got two years of this minimum. There’s no retail and institutions aren’t getting in until it’s all regulated. We have a cost of living crisis and a very likely recession as the FED and Central Banks tighten. The stock markets coming down further-which means crypto will. We are unlikely to be at the bottom yet.

  4. Another great video. Thanks so much Lark! Hope this video gets 8 billion views because everyone should know 🙂

  5. I’m keeping my BTC even though I’m under water 💦 I’ll hold for ten years 😎 they aren’t getting mine

  6. Excellent video the dynamics of the crypto market structure keep going down perharps huge profits is been made by experts. Heard that holding ain’t a smart move on the short run please any ideal on how to make better profits in the market.

  7. That was some hella click bait.. 8k? Lol i would liquidate every thing i own! Down to my underwear!! And put it all on BTC! I’m in for 10-20 years…

  8. Well said. Wall Street and people like Minerd are pure and utter scumbags. If we keep buying they loose!!! It's that simple. Fiat has failed big time.

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