BITCOIN WARNING!! A bigger market crash is coming & it will be triggered by one of these big crypto projects going down!


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  2. Tyler you are THE Numero Uno! We asked for more of your in depth info and analysis on Celsius, Tether, and Binance and you followed up on some possibilities or scenarios that could happen. That's all a concerned "outsider" could ask for to prepare accordingly if anyone has ongoing business/investments with these entities. I myself now know what I need to do. Appreciate the follow up from your "in passing" statements from a couple of days ago! Bless you heart and stay real!

  3. Such small amounts of money could have been done on tornado cash if money laundry… Hmmm… This is story telling built on many txs.. Not sold this time👋

    Also do you think Alex will do it? I dont!

  4. Lol.. Lol…… and you have Ripple out at Davos 2022 meeting world leaders… Ripple / XRP is a shit coin ..scam… Lol lol..lol 😆

  5. From my understanding, Tether's market cap shrinking appeared to be collateral damage from the Terra's depeg. A main driver of that depeg was FUD spread on twitter which caused a bank run on UST. After UST depegged, the same FUD was spread about Tether possibly depegging and a lot of people were swapping USDT for other stables. This caused a temperary depeg for USDT. This was arbitraged by users who bought USDT and cashed them in at the Tether treasury, fixing USDT's peg. The market cap chart of UST and USDT supports this.

  6. I dont understand why people trust their money to Binance, Tether, or many other places? With almost 7 years in crypto, I have learned to hold as much crypto in cold storage as possible. Trades are stupid cheap on OSMOSIS for day traders……………and 1inch is amazing also. Why risk your life's savings ? If you dont hold it, you dont own it

  7. Chico what would your advice be? Would you sell all your holdings into fiat and wait for the capitulation or just sit on your hands?

  8. Thumbs DOWN for your FUD TITLE. I'm so tired of everyone's doom and gloom. When the price is going up you scream Million Dollar BTC. When it goes down you scream Free BTC. It's just all a bunch of rubbish. (and btw- keep helping the regulators steal our freedom by promoting all the false flag stuff they pitch to you to post. This is just like the Luna self attack thing. They do that so that they have an excuse to regulate. Money Laundering over at Celcius you claim? Where did you hear that? From the covert regulators THEMSELVES dummy.) You are being played. We are ALL being played. We are the poor of society, and the rich do this to us constantly. They play chess, not you. You are not 'exposing them'… you are exposing exactly what they want exposed silly man.(I do like your channel and hard work though…. just remember that things are always several layers deeper than you or I probably realize.)

  9. Tyler check out Celsius Co- founder Nuke Goldstein's tweet –
    "When gas is cheap, our system bulk creates wallets for new users and pre-funds the gas"
    Looks like you've being manipulated to FUD the wrong company, 3D chess don't be the pawn ✌

  10. You wasn't coming out with all these "warnings" at the top when BTC was worth 69k. How much money and who's paying you for all this fear spreading around?

  11. Excellent video the dynamics of the crypto market structure keep going down perharps huge profits is been made by experts. Heard that holding ain’t a smart move on the short run please any ideal on how to make better profits in the market.

  12. Eres el mejor crypto youtuber. Tus videos no se basan en análisis técnicos si no en hechos reales, noticias e investigaciones. Sigue así!!!

  13. Chico before acusing someone of money laundering you should consult with them first. Your claims are infact totally false and you should apologize.

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