Kao the Kangaroo Review

Kao the Kangaroo Review

Kao the Kangaroo reviewed by Henry Stockdale on PC, also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Kao the Kangaroo is a …


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  1. Not digging the whole martial arts thing. As he's a boxer, wouldn't it have been more unique if Kao was like a lunkhead brawler and his mentor was like a sleazy Don King type?

  2. Man complaining that something isn't original enough because it uses genre defining tropes is kinda whack. Tropes are tropes for a reason and it looks like this game puts its own spin on them well. Art is derivative of previous art.

  3. This is just like Ty The Tasmanian tiger and I’m all in! Crash 4 was too difficult for a platforming game almost unfair in some spots

  4. It's almost as if IGN has a pre-made template for game reviews. Insert narrative over generic footage of the game, then assign a 7. Work complete.

  5. So… when a game that should be easy for kids doesn’t have a difficulty option, they complain. When a game which is naturally hard doesn’t have an easy mode, they complain about it too?? Like pick a lane. If you’re lazy to play a game and just play about 2-3 hours of a game just say it. Y’all praise CoD highly yet when it comes to other non activision game, y’all go little to no effort.

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