PROOF: ETH Crypto CRASH GREAT NEWS for Bitcoin Buyers

PROOF: ETH Crypto CRASH GREAT NEWS for Bitcoin Buyers

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  1. Hey mate, have fun in Monaco!
    Another trader I follow posts a tidbit of his video before the drop in November to promote his premium channel.
    Could be a good idea for your patreon as you told your members to get out in November as well.

  2. Retired with a 7 figure portfolio and receiving about $286k in dividends. I have been in the stock market about 20 years. Am I worried? Am I selling? Absolutely not.I have purchase growth stocks too a little at a time over the past few weeks. I am going to sit back and observe how this all plays out,adding more at a time. my investment strategy with my FA actually calms me down. Eye on the prize,stay the course!

  3. Sticking with both my BTC and ETH dollar cost averaging. I started dollar cost averaging into my preferred alts a little too early but they’re long term plays so will stay the course.

  4. Jason, someone made a video providing from past history all different possibilities of BTC falling to 22K, 12K (from TA) & 7K (from the Luna fallout). What would happen to Alts then?

  5. Buying Alts during the bear market is throwing your money away. Alts are going to drop another 85% and then what? DCA into the oblivion? You buy Alts during the accumulation phase. Stop giving terrible financial advice my G.

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