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  1. Can we start a kickstarter to buy this dude some lip balm? Unless its a weird tick….. he must have really dry lips because he keeps licking them like a lizard.

  2. Digging the Tron aesthetic, it's also nice to see someone actually trying to make these amazing tools we carry in our pockets less banal.

    I am however, curious/concerned about how much extra drain the LEDs are adding on the battery.

  3. As a Oneplus 1 (back in the invitation days), 3T, and 7T owner. Yes, this situation does sound familiar. Oneplus has settled. and nothing will eventually become something. all will be abandoned eventually.

  4. Couldn’t all this be replicated through software by expanding always on display? I can already see all my notifications and charging status at a glance. The lighting would be the only differentiator and that won’t be enough to convince me to go with a startup

  5. This showcase was dope, at first I didn't really care about the phone thought it was meh. But all these little things added to it make it pretty unique and cool. Considering buying one, looking forward to the review.

  6. This is definitely cool, but I'm not sure how relevant lights on the back of a phone are? Do people keep their phones face down?
    That seems like a very easy way to guarantee scratches, especially if you plan on jiggling the phone to see the battery life while face down…

  7. I love to see some innovation. And that's some innovation. And it looks cool. But these aren't useful features. I can already see who is calling even in silent mode. By simply looking at the front of the phone. Phones already display charge level on the front of the phone when wiggled. It looks like it's a prop from Tron which I like. But there aren't useful featuresfor me to buy this.

  8. Niche phone. Glyph notification is original, I will give them that. Glyph notification is useless when phone is in pocket. Users of the Nothing Phone must use clear case or a tinted case. All accessories will need to come from manufacturer as there is not enough customer base for 3rd party ones. All smartphones have the ability to modify vibration patterns for each ring tone so people can set it up so they know who is calling without even looking at phone in silent mode. I think MKHD low key showed the target market share for the Nothing Smartphone. It’s going after the young teenager who will want Naruto or DBZ phone. To old dudes like me it’s meh.

  9. Only if they had one the size of 12 or 13 mini I would have been all in. The form factor again kills the deal for me.

  10. I love this LED light stuff they have added, have been seeing same boring designs off late. This is a refreshing change but the software and it’s optimisation are the most important part that’s where one plus had an upper hand along with the price. Hope they have this covered. People are not going to be excited about the LED lights on the back after 2 weeks but software is gonna be judged every time they pick up the phone.

  11. seems super gimmicky, I just don't think its necessary to use the back of the phone for all these things it takes a split second from a lock screen to figure it all out

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