Hands-On with Meta's New VR Headset Prototypes!

Hands-On with Meta's New VR Headset Prototypes!

We get a glimpse of what future generations of virtual reality displays from Meta could look like with a trip to Reality Labs …


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  1. Why can't the battery be placed behind the head, or just behind each ear, to give scope for greater battery time, and keep the weight off the front of the face. I see it as the most simplest solution, yet it's never been brought into the real world.

  2. seeing them still using old rift headsets (modified) and controllers made me really happy to know they havent just completely abandoned it all together. Gives me hope there may one day be another wired desktop only headset from them

  3. this is amazing on next level. as a valve index enjoyer, I really do love the fact that Meta is taking this VR industry dead serious and the fact that Sony is making big pushes for VR via PSVR 2. dude, I always said since day 1 that this is the future of gaming

  4. So 2032 we will get an hmd with HDR, 50ppd and variable focus Displays 🙄 … That's a long time to wait :/
    Pimax 12k qled will come this year with HDR 230° fov and 35 ppd .

  5. Was this an actual interview with Zuckerberg; I'm not sure that he ever addressed Norm by name. Perhaps a canned interview, where the "interviewer" acts the appropriate questions to the responses given.

  6. This was a great look into what the future holds for VR display tech, unless some really new unpredictable technology pops up. But this is DARPA’s method, how to not be surprised by future tech, by developing it now. You are planning the future in your labs. Well done to all involved.

  7. Cool video. I’m surprised Meta allowed an outsider inside their VR research lab. Props to Meta’s Reality Labs unit.

  8. I was hoping someone else would take inspiration from the Quest 2 (like Valve, HTC and such) to deliver better products since I don't trust or want Facebook to be the owner of this but at this point I'm pretty sure no one has pushed the frontier of VR as they did and are still doing
    Might as well cheer them while they continue to give us great products!
    …let's only hope they don't "leak" any more user information from this point on…

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