FED is already reversing their course with a proposed Federal gas tax holiday. To give โ€œimmediate reliefโ€ to Americans they will …


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  1. David Hunter also shares this view. He's a macro-economics strategist with almost 50 years of experience behind him. He's calling for a "melt-up" in equities, which will no doubt carry over to crypto. By melt-up, he means a parabolic run up the likes of which no one alive has ever seen, followed by a crash that happens even faster. By the way everything is positioned – I'd say he's right. Economy looks to be heading into a depression, fed raising rates into it like morons (or evil geniuses purposely crashing everything), fiat is in trouble everywhere – the "great reset" will be orchestrated. 2022-2024 will be really bad for the majority of people, and they will position Trump as the savior in 2024, but he'll just be another controlled puppet.

  2. The issue with crypto influencers and macro is that they don't know much or any regarding macro. Chico this is an old issue regarding the highway tax, is not being funded and printed just to keep it alive. This sadly will not impact crypto, this is just not how it works, AT ALL.

  3. Wait u haven't gone to huxley saga place in nft nyc.

    Unsubscribe ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚ joke but u probably missed some good chat with ben Mauro

  4. Interesting but I disagree. The fed will not bail out the citizens.. they will bail out the debt bubble first and then big corporations considered too big to fail

  5. What is going to happen is the a huge crash and then Biden BBB package right after. Then leave a huge mess for Trump to deal with.

  6. You should have more subscribers, you always dig deep and speak from a position of honesty and true decentralisation. Unlike the ones you call out for encouraging leverage and "deals". Keep it real fella! Thanks

  7. We are in a monetary tightening period. Gas tax is a meaningless gimmick. 10% inflation is so bad it could topple governments if they can't stop it. No money is getting printed

  8. Printing $10 billion is a drop in the bucket compares to trillions printed back in 2020 and 2021. Bitcoin price will not go high this year, it will go down, we haven't seen the bottom yet.

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