Did Putin Just Show Us The Future Of Bitcoin?

Did Putin Just Show Us The Future Of Bitcoin?

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About the Author: Anthony Pompliano


  1. You still don't get it… why do you insist on drinking the Ukraine koolaid? Don't you see the set-up? Don't you see how much they provoked Putin? Open your eyes… please…

  2. Even with the current dip in crypto currency’s, I’m still glad I can smile 😊 back at my portfolio of $102,800 built from my weekly trade, I’m having my fourth withdrawal in 10 business days😊

  3. Most of this is true.

    Except we were already in recession once inflation started. The fed didn’t do that. They have no good choices.

    And who is at fault? The irresponsible lenders who created dogshit debt beginning 2005, who are STILL not in prison. Fed then decided to monetize the debt instead of letting the economy crash properly in 2009.

  4. Great Job Pomp!!!
    Lets see how long it will take for the Mainstream Media fact checkers to call you Putin's Republican Sympathizer.

  5. I doubt anyone can understand this nevertheless, The Prince of Darkness, "All things change lady, the dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity. Dreams are my specialty.. Beneath the skin we are already one."

  6. Strip away your sensitivities, and it's easy to say Putin is right. I would always be weary of agreeing with a devil, if only because he's singing a rational tune. But I agree overall that we have all have to get our acts together. Frankly, a simple start is holding off or outright eliminating the stupid holidays from Halloween to St Valentine's to the extravagance that is Christmas. Fuck, enjoy a dinner with friends and family, participate in your community, rethink community and be fearless, and accept a tangerine or a nice pair of socks and move on with your fucking life. Price controls in mind, expect your staples to stabilize, but your Xbox and iPhone to cost much much more. And god damn it, be ok with that. Cause that's the cost of paying this shit off.

  7. Great work as always! This is the right time to buy not sell your Bitcoin or Altcoin because of the dip. You should take some quantity of what you hodl and get an expert to educate you on day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Big thanks to Matthew Creel Anderson, for helping me earn 4.06 BTC, despite the current circumstances. I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is turning out👐.

  8. Just few notes:
    1)Russia invaded Ukraina cuz Ukrainian gov were killing ppl of Donbas for more then 8 years who are ethnically Russians.
    2) If you want to save America vote for Trump 2024
    3) America will no longer be the greatest nation , its losing its dominance much faster then they gain it.
    Good Luck.

  9. I am pretty shocked that you use your platform to elevate the thoughts of a despot. Hmm, a communist leader finding fault with capitalism, who would have thought. Cmon man

  10. The kleptocracy of Putin that stole the wealth of its people at gun point has all the solutions? No, Russian opportunity robbed by the oligarch KGB thieves of Vlad Putin the stupid crook.

  11. This speech is the view of the Third World countries. Cheap labor and cheap commodities has subsidies the lifestyles of of people in the First World. This is the reason why people want to move there. Not because of the values they hold but to enjoy the fruits not the cost of globalization

  12. Potato head is more communistic than Putin. I’d rather have Putin as President. He has held Russia stable for over 20 years. Has anyone done that here?

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